Some of the Uses and Benefits of Intel Aria 10

With more speed grade and faster core performance, you will come to know that these are all there with Intel aria 10. If you compare Intel aria 10 with a publicly open core design then you will know that you can get easily up to more than 10% Fmax advantage. Another thing that you would like to know is that there are different kinds of Intel aria that you can get. The first kind of Intel Aria that you get is Arria® 10 SX SoC FPGA. It is enabled with dual-core ARM-Cortex*-A9 HPS, which has 48 full-duplex trans-receivers. The second kind of Intel aria that you get is Arria® 10 GX FPGA. It is enabled with 96 full-duplex trans-receivers, which have a data rate of 17.4 GBPS chip to chip.

Uses of Intel Aria in Different Fields – 

In addition, the third kind of Intel Aria 10 that you get is Arria® 10 GT FPGA. It has 78 full-duplex trans-receivers with data rates of 25.78 GBPS chip to chip. There are several advantages of Intel Aria 10 that one can get it is good for a broad range of applications like that of the military, automotive, broadcasting, other end markets, data center, and communication. If you compare the Intel aria 10 to the previous generations’ SOCs and FPGAs, then you will get to know that it has 40% lower power. Intel Aria 10 is one such that has a powerful technology that is programmable and reduces the device power in less performing circuits in which it is needed and then it gives out the highest performance. Besides that, Intel aria 10 has a smart voltage ID.

VCC Power Manager & Performance – 

You can work with the devices to make them work in the optimum lower voltage without affecting the performance. Let’s look at the power manager of intel aria 10. Intel aria 10 also has a power manager i.e. known as the VCC power manager. So, what happens in this or with this power manager is that you can work with the devices where there are multiple voltage levels. It can be for high performance or lower power. With the lower maximum static power, you can select the devices as Intel aria 10 has a low static power grade. You can get that in industries with only a 20nm ARM-based SOC. Intel aria 10 has multiple or many kinds of SOC choices that come with dual-core – ARM Cortex*-A9 MP Core* hard processor system (HPS).

No Alteration in Processor Code – 

Besides, all of these, you can also change your Aria V SOC design with a 28nm to Intel Aria 10 and one of the good things that you will know is that there will be no change in the processor code. Another benefit of Intel aria 10 is that with integration you can save a broad space. Intel aria 10 comprises 2X more density and if you compare it to the previous generation’s midrange that is or has over 1 million Logic Elements (LEs). Besides all of these, Intel aria 10 possesses hard IP (Intellectual Property) cores that come with a DDR4.memory controller and a PCI express 3.0 specifications of Gen3. So, if people choose intel Aria 10 then they get a high-performance power solution that has low system power, is highly trustworthy and efficient and has faster time in marketing.

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