Services offered by a printing factory

Printing Factory in “Nonthaburi” [โรงพิมพ์ นนทบุรี, which are the term in Thai] is associated with a wide range of organizations and institutions. They provide various services in terms of printed materials for these organizations. They are involved in business related or education-related materials. They have a large market in the printing of novels and magazines that has worldwide sales.

Their primary services may be classified as follows,


They print business-related things like,

  • Product catalog related to the product of sales describing its functionalities and information related to the product capabilities.
  • Annual report of the companies. They also print the Company profile detailing the company services, and it also includes all information related to the company.
  • They also print marketing material for marketing the products
  • Training materials that are given to the new employee are also printed here.

Academic or educational:

They print books for students,

  • Study books, exercise books, textbooks, tutor books, and reference books are printed for various subject and courses.
  • They also print academic newsletters related to a particular subject of study for different departments in the college.
  • They also print student manuals and academic manuals to guide the students in their school year
  • The activities book for kids that are employed for learning in preschool and kinder garden are printed here.
  • They also print yearbooks that contain the memories of the school and college years.


They print,

  • Magazines, international circulation magazines that cover major articles on lifestyle, entertainment, and health.
  • They also print Journals on a specific field of research.
  • Fiction books on various genre including romance, sci-fi, tragedy, comedy, supernatural are printed here.
  • The pocketbooks that are comparatively smaller in size than any normal books and are easy to carry around are printed here.
  • The novel that speaks of untold stories are printed here
  • Cartoon manga of various author and special editions for comic con are printed here.


They are also established to print,

  • Brochure on travel and tourism and other pieces of information related to any place of travel.
  • Leaflets for marketing a business or promoting products
  • Posture and banners that could provide a greater attraction to any business are printed here.
  • The flyer that can be hand out for business promotions
  • Postcard of a place or custom made postcards for a person are printed here.


  • They also print religious Prayer books and Dhamma books for all religions.

Business application:

  • Bill receipt used in the billing process, Business forms and other applications used in the business, Letterheads with the official business logo are also printed here.

Other services:

They also provide services like

  • Books boxsets that come with the packaging of a book series. It generally has an illustration of the series as the front cover.
  • They also provide the Packaging for all the orders, and the can also ship
  • Folders for business or any institution with their official logo can be printed here
  • Stickers and labels that are used in various purpose the printing of the stickers may incur an additional charge for the material.
  • Calendars that are custom built for any organization can be printed here.

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