Everyone wants high traffic and the best servers for their website, and you can do this if you have the best-dedicated server provider. Getting more traffic on site is a good sign of popularity.

People want to get popular but this popularity needs a more flexible server who can handle more traffic without any little laziness. Business from sharing server is an option but not a complete solution.

Today here we will talk about a Dedicated server which is a complete server and very flexible if we compare it to another server.


The dedicated server is a server that gives you full control over your website. The dedicated server came with many features like it can provide you best uptime which is very necessary for oneself to increase their business.

Basically, this Dedicated server is useful for big pages people like any online shopping site which brings so many visitors to their site at a time.

Dedicated allows you the benefit of choosing your own operating system and your own need for data space.

 The Dedicated server came with more security because there is no sharing and there is no other site that can harm your site with respect to performance or getting the low speed of the site.

The dedicated server is divided into two parts

  1. Managed dedicated server
  2. Unmanaged dedicated server


Managed Dedicated server is the managed one in which all the problems will be solved by the server management team. You will buy this and you will just focus on the growth of your site management team will do work on the managing part of your server.

Managed Dedicated server provides you with the best performance with the best uptime.

The management team always take care of the system by providing the necessary updates, and regular malware scan.

Managed Dedicated server is very costly as compared to other servers because here users giving their responsibility to the server provider and paying extra for that.


In an Unmanaged Dedicated server, you are the person who is using that server will be responsible for all the management of your server.

The service provider team will just give you the server and they will make sure of the network but updation is on your hand and managing your space is also in your hand.

Here the service provider company will just take care of the hardware functioning and the other things like upgrading the operating system will be done by the user itself.

Unmanaged Dedicated server’s cost is low as compared to Managed Dedicated server because here you have to look at everything related to server.


Although a Dedicated server is very costly among all the other servers somewhere it is the need of a user whose site is growing day by day and the user is ready to take the responsibility of the whole server.

A dedicated server comes with so many features like good uptime great speed more security.


 HostingRaja is the no. 1 Indian web hosting company. It is so trusted company in India. It provides a Dedicated server for both types of operating systems i.e., Windows and Linux operating systems.

HostingRaja is the only Indian based company that provides a control panel with inbuilt enhanced security features.

HostingRaja has four types of plans for a Dedicated server including Basic server, value server, silver server, and gold server.


  1. Providing free SSL certificates.
  2. Providing free domain.
  3. Providing free varnish server.
  4. Full root access.


Here in this article, we talked about the dedicated server which we can say the best server. Although a Dedicated server is very costly but allows you so many benefits. As we have discussed everything about the Dedicated server even then if you have any queries related to the Dedicated server then let me know in the comment section.

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