Best Ways To Operate The Hidden Functions Of Your Phone

There are so many functions in our smartphones that are hidden and we do not know about it no matter how long we make use of the phone. These functions can be used even when we unlock Alcatel Axia. Below are some hidden functions

  1. Exit Apps, Free Up Memory

Android includes a built-in task manager with which applications currently not in use can be closed, so that storage space is freed up again. Go to “Settings ➞ Apps.” Select an app by tapping it. With “Quit” or “Force quit,” you quit the app and free the working memory used by the app.

  1. Close The App Quickly

Thanks to multitasking, an app that has been started on Android continues to run until you explicitly exit the program. Since every application running in the background consumes memory and computing power, it is advisable to close apps that are no longer needed. The quickest way to do this is via the “Recent Apps” button (the small square at the bottom of the screen next to the Home button): Press the button and swipe any apps you no longer need to the left, right, or up – the exact swiping movement differs depending on the manufacturer or Android interface.

  1. Reset For Telephone Network And WLAN

Even though you are within range of a WLAN or in an area served by cellular networks, Android sometimes does not recognize a connection. Such connection problems can also occur with Bluetooth.

Most of the time, resetting all wireless connections can solve the problem. To do this, open the settings and switch on airplane mode. In airplane mode, Android resets wireless connections. After a short wait, switch off airplane mode again.

  1. Take Screenshots

In Android, screen snapshots can be conveniently taken without a special app or even root function. On most Android smartphones, it is sufficient to hold down the power button and click the bar button. Android then saves a snapshot of the current screen content as an image file in the album. Alternatively: With some manufacturers, you have to hold down the power button and press the home button to take a screenshot.

  1. Coupling In The Car Via Bluetooth

Many newer vehicles have a Bluetooth hands-free system that can be used in conjunction with an Android smartphone to make phone calls without cables. To set up the wireless hands-free connection, you have to pair the mobile phone with the vehicle once. To do this, activate Bluetooth on the smartphone under “Settings ➞ Wireless and networks ➞ Bluetooth” (with some manufacturers, you can also find the Bluetooth menu directly under “Settings.”

Now start the Bluetooth area search on the vehicle. Once the two devices have found each other, Enter the confirmation code shown on display. Once pairing is complete, the smartphone and vehicle connect as soon as they are within range.

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