How to Choose a Reliable Cold Emailing Software

Cold emailing is efficient when written and executed correctly. However, sourcing leads and writing personalized messages to several addresses manually can be overwhelming. Hence, the need for software that automates and simplifies the whole process becomes imperative. Keep reading to learn how to select the best software out of the many in the market for your cold emailing needs.

Five Questions to Answer Before Selecting a Cold Outreach App

Here are some factors you should consider before settling for a specific brand.

How Easy is Automation?

The goal of using this software is to automate the whole cold emailing process. Hence, you should be able to source targeted contacts from the platform. You should also be able to filter and target specific contacts in your address database. Before committing fully to a brand, test the cold email software and see if it fits your needs.

Is it User-Friendly?

Good software must be easy to use, and one of the criteria to determine this is to assess how friendly the interface is during use. A friendly interface makes the whole process easier. Additionally, it is pertinent that the software has a help section that explains common difficulties that users encounter during use. It’ll even be better if there’s a live help feature to seek assistance in case of any bottleneck.

Can it be Used for Effective Personalization and Scheduling?

An excellent cold email should be personalized and tailored to the recipient’s needs. Writing a hundred messages and personalizing each one can be daunting. However, good software can help you do this seamlessly if you feed it some parameters. It must also have scheduling features such as when to send messages and time to do some follow-up.

What About Ease of Integration?

The cold emailing process is complex and can’t be done using a single app. However, developers have found a way to integrate other third-party applications into theirs to ease the cold emailing process. With this integration, you can quickly source leads on social media sites like LinkedIn, build a contact database, and select addresses you need. Good software should have these essential features to get optimal results from the messages.

Does it Allow Result Monitoring and Follow-up Messages?

The essence of sending a cold email is to get as many responses or feedback as you can from the recipients. The only way to know this is to monitor the performance metric of your messages. Good software should have a section that compares response rates over a specific time frame. It should also be easy to follow up and track all previous outreach campaigns. You should send follow up emails to both those who showed interest and those who didn’t respond. However, avoid trying to contact those who marked your messages as spam.

The Verdict

Undoubtedly, the right software eases the cold emailing process, but most have features that set them apart. Irrespective of your chosen option, ensure it is scalable and guarantees safety from possible litigation. This is because sending unsolicited messages to some addresses sourced without permission could have some legal implications. You should also ensure that the software fits well into your budget before committing fully.

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