The Social Networks and the facebook likes

It appears that the hunger of creating a community on social networks use to be greedy. And still more so at the time you check that your most straight competition has thousand followers and you have to agree to a combine of hundred. This condition has controlled numerous to seek replacements to buy real Facebook likes and fans. Hoping you get a twist on your image.

Is it possible to buy real Facebook likes and fans?

Doesn’t it happen to you? You get to the profile of a brand that you did not follow and you see that it has a huge community. You’re curious and besides browsing their site for a while, you decide to follow it to see why so many people are following it.

This happens in most cases and in almost all social networks. And it’s the obsession to outnumber your competition that is likely to push you to buy real facebook likes and fans. Yes, real, not bots.

It is true that as soon as you type in your search engine “Buy real likes and fans for Facebook ” a considerable number of sites will appear that guarantee that their services are 100% reliable. And of quality. In fact, there are even those who have offers and packages of likes and followers. But do you have faith on all these promises?

Most of these services claim that their contacts are 100% real. And that they are active and interact with your spaces on social networks. Something complicated to ensure. Especially since their rates do not invite confidence. Can you get an exact volume of fans and real followers at a substantially lower value than those accomplished with dynamization tactics?

Is it worth buying fans and followers?

Buying real likes and fans for Facebook impulses others for following you and have a much additional influential image before the competition. But as ample as there use to be real people after these profiles, this will be very problematic for you for answering every single questions posed in an optimistic way.

It will hamper your plans

Let’s say those accounts use to be 100% real. Will the results of your networking strategies be 100% effective? It doesn’t matter that in this scenario they are not bots. They happen to be people who have a “money” for following and interrelating with your brand. Whatsoever you do they will give you their approval.

If 80% of your community are purchased fans, when you go to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns on Facebook, all the results you receive will be unusable. It will be unbearable of detecting that 20% that you have not credited and that use to be there as it wants to follow you. And it will be complicated even more to distinguish what this fraction thinks.

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