Smart Ways to Create Quality Instagram Content

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most highly visual and powerful social media platforms. If you are looking for ways to grow your business, then you should take advantage of this platform. 

Outsourcing Instagram may seem like a good idea. But the way you can manage to make your posts relevant and engaging, no agency can outdo you.

If you want to gain followers that are loyal to your brand, then you should use the following tips to create engaging content. Even if you do not sell glamorous products, you can use this platform to promote your brand. 

In this article, we have rounded up some tips to help you create quality content. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Make the Most of the Carousel Feature

If you want to create attention-grabbing content for your Instagram feed, consider using carousel posts.

According to research, this type of content plays a vital role in increasing your engagement on Instagram. Not only that, but such posts also have a higher engagement rate as compared to images and videos. 

Consider paying close attention to the first photo you are posting. To ensure that Instagram users see all the photos/videos included in the carousel, you should write “swipe left” in your caption.

Decide on Different Content Themes 

You may use Instagram to inform your audience about your products and services. However, what you need to keep in mind is that every Instagram post does not necessarily have to revolve around your products, events, services, or sales. If you do so, your followers will eventually get tired of promotional content.

So, what type of content do you need to create?

Take the time to choose content themes that your audience may find interesting. Then include them in your Instagram calendar. This way, you will be able to post different types of content throughout the month.

Go Live 

As soon as you go live, your followers see you in the first position on the Instagram Stories. The Instagram Live feature can be seen at the top of users’ feeds. If your followers have turned on your notifications, they will also be notified that you are live.

And you know what the best part is? Instagram lets you save the live video as an IGTV when you end your live session. A stable connection like HughesNet is required to save the session. Before you sign up for the plan, consider reaching out to the provider’s servicio al cliente to learn about its plans.

Here are some topics that you can discuss on Instagram Live:

  • Tell how people can benefit from your products or services
  • Host an interesting Q&A session with your followers
  • Announce a product launch
  • Interview someone who is associated with your brand

Create a Compelling Caption

Some people make the mistake of stuffing their captions with hashtags in the hopes that it will improve their Instagram reach. Rather than doing hashtag stuffing, you should consider creating captions should that tell a compelling story that your audience can relate to. 

Know that creating an impactful caption is a trial and error method. By keeping track of Instagram analytics, you can learn what type of captions and formats improve your posts’ engagement.

While it is not mandatory to write lengthy captions for Instagram, you must ensure that you write something worth your audience’s time.

Create Relatable Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the most used features by Instagram users. You would be surprised to know that Instagram Stories have more users than Snapchat. So make sure you make the most of this feature to reach your target audience. Take the time to create Instagram Stories regularly. 

Here are some content ideas for creating good Instagram Stories:

  • Post your everyday routine that your audience can relate to
  • Try including behind-the-scenes content. It is a great way to show your followers the side of your brand that they might not otherwise get access to

The End Note

Creating engaging content for your Instagram account can be challenging. However, with the right planning and strategies, you can not only improve your brand’s visibility but also achieve your business goals.

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